I’m Hannah, Ohio born and raised, where the cornhole tournaments are a serious thing. I’m a graduate from The Ohio State University with a Bachelors of Science in Environment and Natural Resources. My passion is teaching children about the outdoors and all the wonders this planet has for us. I believe children are the stewards of the future and it is our job to teach them about our planet’s delicate systems and why we should care about them.

My favorite color is orange and it is my goal to own a house with a bright orange front door someday, preferably a tiny house. I have ridden horses for six years, although these last two I have not been financially able to support that love of mine. I was on the Hunt Seat Equestrian Team at OSU and it was the best 2 years of my life while at that school.

I am a Leo and a personality to prove it! I am beautiful, strong, and LOVE my birthday, but I am also a fierce faithful friend. At least, these are all things I’ve read in zodiac articles and what my friends say are true.

The outdoors are a wonderful way to relieve my stress and I wish I could live on a porch in summer every day of the year. Warm weather fills me with happiness.

I’ve been to Ireland and will make it back someday for that liquid gold. I might even try to live there for a few.

I lived in Salt Lake City, Utah with my boyfriend for a summer and it was one of the best summers I have ever had. The hiking was the most amazing part and I wish we had trails like that in Ohio. I will eventually make it back out west, probably Colorado or Washington, for a bit to experience more of the westward way of living and being a part of the wildlife there. I really want to see a moose in its natural habitat.

My companion since 2008 has been my cat Yoda. He is my handsome tabby boy and pet soulmate. My boyfriend and I recently adopted a kitten into our family; he is black with a white spot on his chest and crazy and we don’t know what to call him. I’ve stuck to calling him KitKat most days, though I’ve thought about calling him Tie Fighter since that’s what he sounds like when running around the house.

I really love to read, hence this blog. So enjoy, comment, discuss, recommend, reflect, etc. I’m all ears.