About Me

Hello all!

Thank you and welcome to A Cat’s Library. My name is Hannah. I’m from Ohio, born and raised. Yes, Cornhole is a thing here and if you haven’t played, I recommend it with a good beer always in your hand.

I am a graduate from Ohio State University and I will confess that I am not your normal Buckeye obviously, because I didn’t put the word “THE” in front of Ohio. I could give a rats ass about football. Yeah, I grew up in a Buckeye home. My Dad received all his degrees from OSU, my mother and step-mother both worked at OSU for a time, my eldest sister graduated with two degrees from OSU as well. However, the only amount of Buckeye you’ll get from me is the  I-O response to your O-H. Other than that, I’d rather be reading a book or playing video games. Hence, this blog.

Fun facts about Hannah.

1.) I’m a Leo. Therefore, I am hotheaded, stubborn, sexy, love attention, and say what’s on my mind. My birthday is my favorite day of the year, obviously. Now, I know I sound pretentious and like an asshole, especially since the first bulletin point about me was saying I’m a Leo but trust me, I’m pretty chillax.

2.) I love Ireland. I’ve visited once and hope to go back again. Guinness is my favorite beer of all time. “Liquid Gold” is the perfect description and they aren’t kidding when they say it. It is literally the BEST beer you will ever pour down your throat. Smooth, dark, creamy…all the greatest things in life 😉

3.) My favorite color is Orange. It is bright, vibrant, and makes me happy any time I see it. It reminds me of warm weather and sunshine which I can never get enough of.

4.)  I love the outdoors. I majored in Natural Resource Management with a Specialization in Parks and Recreation. I believe we need to fight for the protection and conservation of our planet’s resources so we may live full, healthy lives.

5.) My boyfriend and I have a cute little family of two cats. Yoda is my old man cat and cuddles like the world is ending. Kitten (which we never properly named because there was no name that could express his insanity) is our youngest who runs around and parkours off our walls, runs into our furniture, and plays fetch like a dog. They complete our house and drive us crazy every day.

I like to think I’m simple, but let’s face it, I’m a woman. I hope you enjoy this blog and find some new interests, new books to read, different games to play.

Read, discuss, comment, reflect, etc. I’m all ears.