Finding Your Face – A Success Story

Since my decision to living more natural, I have taken on many challenges in order to succeed in this lifestyle. Shortly after deciding to go almost shampoo-less, I thought, if I am getting rid of or choosing a natural shampoo, then why not find natural face products as well.

It’s amazing how many products are out there to try, but even more exhausting and frustrating to have to find the right one. And not even that! Find the right regimen!

Anyone who washes their face in their day to day life knows that there are multiple steps to go through in order to get clean, glowing, healthy skin. As a child, I never had any desire to wash my face, or really wash at all. I was happy being dirty 🙂

As a teen, I still could care less. I tried random face washes to help with acne, but it never lasted long. What added to my carelessness was my mother never taught me much about facial care because she never did much for herself either. She likes a short and ‘to-the-point’ system that doesn’t take much time. So naturally, I followed suit. My sisters tried their own treatments to having good skin but again, I never learned much from them because I never cared.

When I met my best friend 11 years ago, I was so taken by her beauty. As we got closer, I would watch her get ready for her day or a night out. Now, I never really had any facial issues. My oily skin and acne were very manageable. But my friend suffered from many facial blemishes, acne, dryness; the list goes on and on.  She went through many self-treatments, dermatologists, product types (facial cleansers, moisturizers, skin healers, oils, gels), topical creams, systematic products, products that battled dryness and ache, using different hydration products. It is a list that unravels a mile long.

Fast forward to now. Though my friend went through hell to get healthy, good-looking skin that would make her feel beautiful, she learned a metric ton about her skin. She finally got the treatment she needed with Accutane and is using about 3 products for her morning and night regimens. This is in comparison to using almost 7 or more products per regimen, not including all the different types of make-up she would apply to hide her imperfections. Finally, she is feeling beautiful and confident in her skin. She has always been radiant throughout her journey, but now that her attitude towards her skin is also more positive, it shines even brighter.

I can now use her as a mentor and guide to finding the right products for me. Witnessing her story first hand has also shown me the importance of taking care of your face and skin.

We all have some kind of wish to stay looking young as long as possible. Taking care of your skin, no matter the amount of time dedicated will help with that. After every shower, I try to apply lotion to my entire body. It makes me feel really good when I take the time to care for my skin. I feel fully energized and relaxed. Sometimes, taking a quick shower is nice but when you take the extra time to go a bit further, you truly feel reborn.

When my friend was going through her multi-year fight with her skin, I was introduced to some great products. She was always so happy to try new products and share them with me, which I appreciated because I’ve found some products that work well and not-so-well for me.

I’ve now taken on the challenge of finding the right products for me. I not only am going to try and find products that are right for me, but are also more eco-friendly. I’m hoping this doesn’t end up being too difficult, but I’m ready for the challenge.

In my first attempt, I went to my local Kroger to see what natural products they carried. I found a few, including ‘Jason‘. A natural based company,  ‘Jason‘ has been around since 1959. They use real ingredients to create an abundance of products for face, skin, hair, oral, and more. (I gave their toothpaste a try and actually really like it! So, Score!)

I found a facial moisturizer and oil that were Vitamin E based. I was really excited about these products because I’ve been looking to find ways to add a little more Vitamin E into my diet since I’ve heard it’s really good for your skin. So I thought, ‘Yay! I can just apply it right to my face!” ….Yeah, this wasn’t my smartest moment. -_-


Photo by (

I decided to test trial these products for a few weeks. I also bought a new cleanser, CervaVe Hydrating Facial Cleanser, which I tried through my friend. As I applied the ‘Jason’ products after washing my face, it turned red and burned, but just a little. I’ve tried a few products that have burned my face some but decided to fight through it since it wasn’t too bad. The redness was my least favorite part because my face literally had straight lines and boxes of redness show up. I looked like a jig-saw puzzle, but those really hard puzzles that have the unorthodox trapezoid pieces that confuse the f*ck out of you.

I wanted to stay hopeful, so I kept using the products to see if they got better. Some days my face was fine and others, I would see extreme redness that would not fade for a few hours or the burning would get worse. In my final attempt, I washed my face, applied the products, and again I saw immediate redness show from my eyes down. My face was the color of a cooked lobster with more of a rash look this time, including small bumping and more burning. It was such a weird reaction that pissed me off for the last time.

I decided to pull the plug, close the caps, and I ended up taking the products back to Kroger. I think there were a few things that went wrong. The Vitamin E in both products together combined with whatever other ingredients were in those products was not right for my skin type.

I wasn’t defeated, although it sucked putting my skin through all that, I had hope remembering my friend’s journey. The most important thing I have to remember, and that everyone should know, there are so many products out there but this is not a one-size-fits-all.

Here’s to finding the face you’ve always wanted!



Title Photo by Jernej Graj on Unsplash


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