‘Girl, Wash Your Face’ Book Review

‘Girl, Wash Your Face’ by Rachel Hollis is a self-help and guidance book that supplies women with life advice. Rachel’s goal is to create material for women to use to help make their every day lives a little easier. She has created a monstrous business out of this talent of hers. Rachel gets into the nitty-gritty of her life and how she was able to conquer some of her life’s hardships and nightmares. She discusses anger, jealousy, sex, death, mothering, parenting, business, support groups and all the techniques that helped her through each of these challenges.

Life is always a crashing wave that builds and calms, over and over. A rolling thunder with lightning flashes that slowly roam away until the next storm. Rachel Hollis was able to create the perfect picture of this through her book ‘Girl, Wash Your Face’. I have listened to many people for advice on how to live a good life. My mother comes to my mind as the best advice giver I could ask for. But it is always good to expand your vision and see what another’s perspective might bring into our view.

Rachel has a very comfortable way of explaining her thoughts. It is easy to understand her brain and how she got to each conclusion. The stories of her life are terrifying, sad, but inspiring to hear. She came from a very closed community, then confidently went out into the world not knowing what was out there. She started her career very young with a huge ambition to be a successful woman.

When I started reading, it was easy to read along. I enjoyed reading her views on life. I will have to say, she mentioned a lot of points that I already knew of. So it was nice to clarify that I knew what to do in order to live a good, happy life. Sometimes you think about a fact in your life that needs to change but you’re not sure how to go about it. Or maybe you aren’t sure if what you think is right. Reading about Rachel’s life experiences helped me see that everyone lives their own version of a crazy life. Embracing the chaos, learning to laugh at yourself, enjoying the small things, taking care of yourself; these are all things I knew I need to perfect but I was happy to hear that even a successful woman like Rachel is constantly working on these herself.

Living a happy life is a constant work of art. Rachel helps to explain that no matter where you are in your present time, you are capable of creating the life you want. She’s very enthusiastic about women making small changes in their lives to make every day a little easier. To her, that could be home decorating, new recipes, parenting techniques, mental health, travel, literally anything you want to work on to love yourself and live a little more.

Rachel Hollis had a very good platform and organization for this book. She starts most of her chapters with a lesson she learned that the chapter is based around, then she rolls into a story to help paint a picture of the lesson, lastly, she finishes with few bullet points of things that helped her through that life challenge. It was visually easy to follow. I appreciated this format because sometimes when people talk about their lives, it can get boring or seem like the story never ends. Rachel did a good job of keeping everything straight and to the point with a clear path of explanation. I also enjoyed her simple use of the English word. This book was not hard to understand. Rachel is very matter-of-fact and doesn’t use any jargon that creates confusion in your brain.

Two things that I had to overlook in her book were her comments on religion or faith and parenting. I say this because it doesn’t pertain to me.

I am not a parent, so I have no idea what it’s like to mother a child. I can’t relate to any parents and I’m not going to pretend that I do. I enjoyed reading it nonetheless because whenever I have children, I’ll try to remember her advice. I would, however, recommend this book to mothers. She has many chapters about parenting and you can tell her life as a working mother is important to her. I know in today’s world, many people can’t be at-home-parents and she goes in great detail explaining her life as a working mother. Rachel shares her life about the hardships and her emotions about mothering. I want my friends who are mothers to know they aren’t alone in how they feel from time to time. Rachel also helped me understand how my own mom felt as a mother of three when I was too young to understand. I am even more grateful for everything she has ever done for my sisters’ and I.

I am also not religious, so I casually read her notes about faith with a grain of salt. I actually read her comments and thought they were very admirable. Her views on accepting anyone, no matter their affiliation, loving people for who they are including their religious differences was refreshing to see. When the first sentence came up in the book about her faith, I was hesitant in continuing to read but I’m glad I did. She explains she has friends from all walks of life, religions, and cultures. Rachel and her husband encourage their children to view their world with just as much color. They decided to attend a church that has a beautifully diverse congregation. Rachel is a great role model in many ways. I admire her and her guidance.

As I am someone still in their twenties, there are some good lessons to be learned in Rachel’s book. I think many women can read this and learn something, even if all of the material might not be directly related. Rachel has many stories to tell that she can clearly explain after years of reflection. Because of this, you can absorb her lessons with ease and fully comprehend.

Self-help books might seem cliche. Some may not want to admit they need extra help and reading them could seem embarrassing. I am here to tell you, I use to be one of those people. I would recommend Rachel Hollis’s book ‘Girl, Wash Your Face’ to anyone. I learned more than I was expecting. It’s not easy to live in this world where every day seems like the chaos might swallow you whole. Reading a self-help book could help give you the words to pick up your day and you would never know it. There were a few days when I read a chapter from Rachel, that it was exactly what I needed to read because I had been recently feeling those same emotions. Self-help books can help to lift the fog long enough for you to see where you need to take your next steps.

Give this book a go. Once you see the world through Rachel’s eyes, you’ll see why she is such a great woman with lots to offer our world. As she says more than once, ” Girl, wash your face. Get up! Go live your life!

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