‘Stardew Valley’ Review

‘Stardew Valley’ has been around since 2016. Not a long time, but four years does go by quickly and this game has never lost its panache! Designed by Eric Barone and further published through Chucklefish, this game is fun, admirable, and addicting as all get out.

You are a lonely grandchild to a man who owned a farm in a town called Stardew Valley. He died and left you everything he owned. You decide to leave your dull and boring life in the city and take on the challenge of farming like your grandfather.  His land and all possessions are left to you. When you arrive, you are shocked by the state of the farm and wonder what in God’s name you got yourself into. From there, if you aren’t hooked on the Dew, then you might never be.


‘Stardew Valley’ has been released graciously across all platforms. I’m talking PS4, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, PC, etc. Eric Barone really showed his love for the gaming community and they made it compatible with many gaming platform types. There is so much to talk about this game, I don’t know where to begin or end.

When you start the game you make your avatar and choose what farm setting you wish to live in. I chose the Forest Setting because there were so many to choose and I wasn’t sure which one to pick. As a new player, it seemed like the best option. Each farm setting has its own challenges and types of resources readily available to you. If I chose again, I would go with a different farm because space was very limited and I felt I couldn’t place everything I needed efficiently. I also didn’t have enough wood on my plot of land so I started needing to buy it regularly. Wood is essential in this game!

My best friends and I play this game a shit ton. Of course, I have the PS4 version and they have the Switch. So they get to have fun playing co-op and I get to sit here playing it all on my lonesome. Yay for crippling economical social values to where I can’t buy a Switch because of no money! Oh well!

Awkwardly moving on, ‘Stardew’ is a very fun, interactive, exploration game that I am going to give you some crazy advice on that I would never normally do.

CHEAT! ….Yeah, cheat your ass off. Look up anything that confuses you on Stardew Valley Wiki and save yourself from the possible frustration of rage quitting or just never getting anywhere fast in the game. I know this sounds a bit insane. I played this game very slowly and very lost. They just throw you into the game with little to no guidance on how to play or advice on what to do. Lucky for you, there are a few different ways you can make money and make a good profit. I had no idea what I was doing or how to advance enough in the game so I could buy the essential upgrades I needed, so I went to a friend to help give me some beginning guidance.

Year 3 comes around for me and I’m still barely making $13,000 every few days. Meanwhile, my friend who started on the Switch just one month ago had immediate help and was maxing out her profits making over $20,000 by the middle of her Second Year. Jerk. I’ve been playing this game for over a year.


So, depending on how you wish to play the game. Be it slow and steady at your own pace or if you are a max/min person, I recommend a little cheating, or a lot, to help give you some edge.

One of my favorite pieces to this game is the relationships you can build within your community. The designers of this game really wanted you to experience the small-town feel. You can pick and chose who you want to be friends with, how you interact with them in certain events, even get married and divorced. It’s all fun to just see how the stories the designers and programmers created, play out as you get to know each townsperson. As for me, I’m a 100 percenter. So I am working on getting all the hearts for every single townsperson. I’ll be playing this game awhile in order to do so.

In ‘Stardew’ you have many skill sets to upgrade and master. There are 5 skill sets in total. Each has its own upgrades and you can choose between two options to boost your proficiency as you increase these skills. These skills are not the hardest part of the game to upgrade since you will be using them constantly, so that’s a great aspect of this game. My favorite was the Mining. 🙂


When you think of a farm, what do you think about? Crops or Animals?

In ‘Stardew’ you can do both and I recommend definitely doing both or you will get nowhere in the game. The game is built so that you start farming crops first and building your farming skill some, then expand into animal husbandry. I love my animals! The rabbits and ducks are particularly adorable, holy shit. Poor pigs though, the creators made them a little wonky looking.

Everything in this game eventually becomes connected. You can’t have high-quality crops without good fertilizer, you can’t make good products without high-quality crops, you can’t make artisan goods without animals, and you can’t make money if you don’t have any of these things. This is why “research” (aka. cheating) comes in handy. But again, to each their own.

The best part about this game is you can go as slowly as you wish or as fast as you desire. Nothing you do is wrong. It is also a nice, leisurely game to enjoy on a cold winter’s night all snuggled up in a blanket. It’s fun and relaxing with no major goals or chapters to complete, just your daily goals as you make them.

If you love the ‘Dew’, I’d love to hear about your favorite parts about the game. Or even if you had some issues, let’s discuss what went on. Or we can all just talk about our farms!!

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