‘SOMA’ Video Game Review

‘SOMA’ is a horror-psycho thriller based game created by Frictional Games. They are the team who also created the Amnesia Series. ‘SOMA’ is an exceptional game about a man who wakes up somewhere unknown and lost. Navigating your way through the storyline as the main character, you find out you’re underwater deep in the Atlantic ocean. Your job is to find a way out of the research facility you wake up in, but along the way, you find out you’re part of something greater. You have to survive the monstrosity that was unleashed throughout the facility and help to save the human race and yourself.



Seem pretty simple. When my friend first described this game to me, it seemed like a simple task or at least an easy concept for gameplay. I was not prepared for the horrific journey I was about to endure for the next two nights.

So all my friends and Boyfriend, LOVE to watch me play horror games. I am the EASIEST PERSON YOU CAN SCARE EVER!

I am not joking. My worst fear is Zombies. It’s pretty ironic because I love to just stand outside my bathroom door when my boyfriend is taking a poo. I wait in silence until he opens the door and I lunge a big “BOO” at him. Gets him every time! But I am the easiest to scare when playing video games. Anytime a horror game comes out, they say I need to play it.

I used to hate scary games! Scary movies too! But my boyfriend and ALL my friends love horror-like crap and I wanted to get over this fear of mine so I decided to give this game a try as a test to my honor in trying to get over my fear of fear.

JESUS CHRIST! It was TERRIFYING! I screamed so much. The first 5 minutes of gameplay when you wake up in the research facility and have to find your Omni-Tool, I was sweating tears. The best part about this whole thing was I was playing Livestream on my friends Twitch account as her guest player for the night. My terror was broadcasted and I am so sorry to everyone who had to hear my blood-curdling screams in their ears.

I ended up playing through the whole game in two nights. The gameplay isn’t very long if you dedicate your time to it. I’ve played it four times in total and have been able to finish it in just one night. For new players, I recommend taking your time and looking through everything to get the full story and experience.


This ended up being one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE games. The gameplay itself was amazing, but the story told along the way kept me compelled and interested, so much that the horrific monsters I had to endure, didn’t matter. I needed to find out more about my character and what was happening in that research facility.

A game that immersive is fabulous. Frictional Games did a fantastic job of allowing the player to experience a full, wide map that you could explore and lose yourself in, literally. They did well at being able to guide the player through the map when everything seemed dark and too scary to venture. Their use of light hints helped guide me confidently to my next task area, even though it took me what seemed like an hour creeping and crawling to get there. Well done Frictional Games!

In ‘SOMA’ you could interact with practically anything. For a while, it made me feel better to walk through a portion of the game holding a coffee mug at all times so I could throw it at whatever might come at me, even though the mug would have dealt no damage, it made it more real feeling. Frictional Games brought a sense of reality to your emotions when running through the obstacles, figuring out the puzzles. Your character breathed heavily, his eyesight would waver with health decline, you limped slower when injured as well. Everything made you want to survive harder and harder. When you would get scared of something being near you, your obvious instinct is to run right? WRONG! Frictional Games did so well in creating enemies that would interact with your every move. Making a sound is the worst decision you could make in this game. Many times I died until my friend helped guide my bad decision making and told me to just stay crouched and walk away with confidence.

The best part about this game was the easter eggs you would find throughout the game. This is why I think new players should take it slow and look through everything. There are so many good scrumptious cookie crumbs left all over to devour. This game did a great job of creating an emotional connection between you and your main character, your supporting character, individuals you meet, and the unfortunate souls that didn’t make it. Frictional Games really went deep with this one.


After beating the game and experiencing the end to your journey, I wanted to cry. I was so lost and torn. I felt so horrible for my main character, the fact there felt like no escape from his hell, and how the world just ended. Or happy and elated when you thought maybe he really was saved from the deep ocean prison and eternal life in darkness. The main question of this whole game is what would life be like if we were able to download our human consciences into a computer to live forever. Would we be able to create new memories? We would never age, so what would time feel like? What does human life mean? What does A.I. see humans as? How can A.I. really help the human race? Jesus, I didn’t know what to think at the end. I was just so shocked through everything I had been through, I didn’t have time to process it all.

All those questions are asked and pondered constantly while playing through ‘SOMA’. You really take a minute to look at your own life for a minute and wonder all these crazy theories. ‘SOMA’ does a great job of forcing you to see the human and machinery perspectives. I think everyone and anyone should play this game. For the thrill, the intense suspense, the survival, the deep sadness, the meaning of being human, the sense of awareness. It’s all such a grand journey that you’re happy to explore but unfortunate to have to experience.

It’s a scary, emotional, terrifying rollercoaster that you want to escape from. The only question is, does the rollercoaster ever stop?

Gah! Play it and let’s talk about it!

9 thoughts on “‘SOMA’ Video Game Review

  1. I’ve never been too into playing horror genre games myself as you know. I do love watching you guys play them. You’ll have to show me this one next time I see you. The premise is very interesting. 🙂

    Also if you like horror games you should check out Dead By Daylight.

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    1. I remember watching you play it. I could definitely give it a try. I would love to show you SOMA sometime! It really is a great game. I’ll help you play through it. 😊

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  2. Ah hahaha. That story about how you scare your BF reminds me of how I’ll hide behind the couch when my SO leaves the room and slowly rise up from behind it with a big dumb smile after she re-enters the room. Always results in a scream followed by a bout of laughter.

    Seems like you enjoyed the game despite your fears. What was your favourite monster of the lot? The blind stalker dudes were probably my favourite because you could lure them with sound and creep around them. That was a fun mechanic to mess around with.

    Also, if it is any consolation I jumped out of my skin during that part when the fish grabs you. The deep, dark parts of the ocean (or just not being able to see under the water) is one of my greatest fears, so that moment just about killed me.


    1. Haha!! I love being the terror of the house.

      It’s so hard to choose a favorite monster because they were all so unique in this game but the blind stalkers were very well made and I scream bloody murder every time I run to that elevator.

      The teleport monster was probably my next favorite because you had no way to even hide, you just had to walk and hope you didn’t run into him. He could literally pop up anywhere. He blocked me a few times from the point of entry I needed to get to and I had to change his direction.

      All of them were fun to encounter. All different challenges. The morphed crying woman monster terrified my because she could hear you and crying things always make me cringe. The scenes in which you encountered each monster was specific to their strengths and made the chase even more scary.

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      1. The teleport dude was a huge roadblock for me because I didn’t realize he only chased you when you look at him. If you have your back to him then he continues on his marry way. My memories of him are tainted because of that. Found him more annoying than scary.

        She was probably the easiest one for me to deal with because I spent 90% of the game crawling through stuff. The only time she got me was when her pattern breaks and she charges after you down a hallway and you have to close a door in her face. I just stood still assuming it’d continue working, but it didn’t. And I died.

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      2. Hahahaha!!!! Oh no!!! She got you! She scared me when she gets louder as you approach the door.

        The teleport dude was annoying! I felt petrified by him because you had to no look at him in order to move around. But I was so scared that I ended up looking down, crouched in a corner as my friend was yelling “Move! Move! Move!”

        The pressure was on. The Submarine monster was good but predictable. He was fast as a cheetah though when you made sound, so your stepping had to be perfect. I died many times from him.

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