Sense of Place: Reading Edition

Have you heard the term ‘Sense of Place’? This term is defined as depositing an intrinsic trait on a specific place or location. When someone relates a feeling of relaxation, calm, and happiness to a certain place.

My most remembered ‘Sense of Place’ is at my old church camp I used to go to as a child with my Sister and Mother. Though I have veered from that part of my life, anytime I think of that camp I remember having a complete sense of relief. I could enter through those gates and know all my anxiety, worries, and overactive brain functions will seize.

I was entering my ‘Sense Of Place’. Some of my best memories.

Since my childhood, I have created other ‘Sense of Places’ that I can go and feel this type of calmness. In high school, it was my Dad’s property he bought. He and my Uncle built a deck on our pond, my Dad created trails in the woods to four-wheel and walk on. In college, it was the horse barn I rode at. I would go there maybe 30+ hours weekly to help with the horses and just be. All of these places, I knew I could visit and I would be consumed with a sense of peace. My brain would flood with extreme calm and everything turned serene.

After college, I have had some trouble finding a new ‘Sense of Place’. Most of the time, these places have more natural settings for me; wooded, water, outside someplace. I take walks through our local park system from time to time but nothing has caught my heart to turn it into a ‘Sense of Place’ where I can place those intrinsic values and relate it to my soul.

So far the ‘Sense of Place’ is at my own home, on my couch, with my back to our huge front window (because that is where the best light is). I love sitting here with a book and a cup of coffee or tea in my hands. This is where I feel my heart and brain relax to the fullest. Nothing can penetrate this tranquility of moments. This is also my boyfriend’s favorite spot on the couch, so we have to share.

When people are in their ‘Sense Of Place’, they are like clockwork and go through a routine to invite the calm inside them. I used to take deep breathes and stare toward the direction of the sun (but obviously not AT the sun, that would be a bad idea) because I love the light and warmth. At home, I sit myself down with pillows and a few blankets, wait for the cats to get comfy and start to read.

When you are in your ‘Sense of Place’, if you have not yet tried; go through your routine to get your mind settled then start reading. Once you are filled with that feeling of true being, open your book and let the characters, themes, and journey course through your veins. I find nothing more relaxing than being totally calm and being able to lose my mind in a book. It works even better when you are in your ‘Sense Of Place’. When I was a child at my church camp, I would sit in a hammock, lay by my favorite tree, relax in my bunk, or on the beach and just read listening to the waves of Lake Erie, feeling the breeze while being warmed by the sun. I find when entering into your ‘Sense Of Place’ it becomes an almost meditative state that your brain naturally enters.


If you have not found a ‘Sense Of Place’, I encourage you to go exploring. The best part about ‘Sense Of Place’ is that it can be literally ANYWHERE you make a connection with your self.

If you have found your ‘Sense Of Place’, I would love to hear about them! Where do you find the best place to sit with your book and let yourself just be.

I hope you all can find more time to visit your ‘Sense Of Place’ so you might feel more of these relaxing moments and be apart of the stillness.

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